Trees, Shrubs & Sod Installation

We install trees and plants to suit your taste, that will enhance and accentuate the beauty of your home, and that we know are ideal for the Reno area’s unique high dessert climate. We seek the best quality products while also helping to support other small businesses and local nurseries.

Paver Hardscapes and Driveways

Pavers come in a variety of styles and colors, making them a great way to add personality and charm to your home. They are a superior choice as a driveway material because they are more durable than poured concrete or asphalt. Pavers are also a popular choice for other hardscape areas such as Patios, Steps and Courtyards.

Paver or Flagstone Walkways

Walkways can be part of the paver hardscape or made using flagstones among sand, gravel or grass etc. Both paver and flagstone paths can be utilized in different areas of the property to bring you and your landscape together.

Decorative Boulder Placement

Large boulders are often unearthed during home construction, and rather than disposing of them, we can utilize them sparingly throughout the landscape to add texture and variety. Boulders with a flat surface can even be incorporated in a seating area.

Water Features

Water creates a serene ambiance and adds another element of nature to your landscape. Water feature can range from grand waterfalls to the simple elegance of boulder water bubbler.

Rock Fire Features & Paver Fire Pits

Fire pits can be created in a variety of styles to suit your tastes. Brick or paver fire pits at the center of a patio area or social gathering space will create a warm inviting atmosphere. A boulder fire feature give one’s landscape design an enchanting flare.

Retaining Walls

Boulder or paver segmental retaining walls can be utilized for both practical reasons to help prevent erosion in naturally sloped yard, or to create a dramatic and aesthetic separation between areas of your landscape, especially when there are sloped or elevated areas.

Low Voltage Lighting

LV lighting is a popular way to accent your walkways and garden areas. We can also install lighting under the overhang of patio steps or along walls.

Planter Boxes

Raised brick planters are a beautiful and functional way to accentuate your outdoor space. Planters can include tiers or curved shapes that flow along the edges of your courtyard or patio.

Drainage Installation

Dry rocky creek beds are ideal landscaping in low areas where water will naturally tend to drain or flow through a sloped area of the yard.